The Food Pirates Storybook (Paperback)


“The Food Pirates” is the second book of the Critter Adventure Tales series…and this story involves the mysterious disappearance of food from the shops and family gardens of New Colony and how the children of the village – through perseverance and ingenuity – solved the mystery, caught the “Food Pirates”, and received their just rewards from the grateful townspeople. The final message of this Critter Adventure is “Courage Never Fails,” …and courage is what was required to build a community in the wilderness in early America.

Plus “Complete the Story” Adventure Books – “Color the Story” Adventure books – and “Magic Motion” DVD’s are also available. (See Ordering Page)

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 Series Synopsis: The backdrop for this series is a fanciful, early-American village called “New Colony,” which is populated by a diverse group of Critters working together to overcome the challenges of living in the wilderness. Each of our planned offerings will showcase how America, from its earliest beginnings, has benefitted from the skills and talents of individuals from many different cultures and backgrounds…while also serving as a creative tool for teachers and parents to assist young students in the areas of reading, writing, and comprehension. 

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