About the books

The “Do For Others Day” is the first book of the “Critter Adventure Tales" series of audio books, e-books, printed books, and other learning/reading aids that showcase how America has, from its earliest beginnings, benefitted from the skills and talents of individuals from many different backgrounds and cultures. This inaugural story highlights how the village’s leading citizen, Mayor Turkey, made an “officially-official” declaration that resulted in the one-day trading of job responsibilities among New Colony residents. The unintended results of his declaration were humorous, surprising, and life changing for everyone (including Mayor Turkey).

The “The Food Pirates” is the second book of the “Critter Adventure Tales" series of audio books, e-books, printed books, and other learning/reading aids. This story involves the mysterious disappearance of food from the shops and family gardens of New Colony and how the children of the village – through perseverance and ingenuity – solved the mystery, caught the “Food Pirates”, and received their just rewards from the grateful townspeople. The final message of this Critter Adventure is “Courage Never Fails,” …and courage is what was required to build a community in the wilderness in early America.

Additional Offerings:

Critter Kids “Complete the Story” Adventure Books” – are books that provide colorful characters and story “hints” as a backdrop to encourage a child to fill-in-the-blanks and author their own book (based on the original characters and setting). Great gifts for parents or grandparents!

Critter Kids “Color the Story” Adventure Books – are books that include both reading and art components to capture imaginations and add an element of fun to the learning process. Younger children (pre-K) can be read the stories which they can then color.

Audio CD’s/DVD’s – All of our Critter Adventure Tales are also available on Audible & for Kindle readers. Our DVDs feature “Magic Motion” pictures that “pop-in” or move across the page.

Intended Age Group: While we focus our stories and collateral materials on children just learning to read and older children developing their reading/writing skills…there are story features, humor, and life lessons in each edition that fit within a wide range of age groupings.