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“Critter Adventure Tales” is a series of audio, electronic, and printed learning tools to assist young students in developing the reading, writing, and comprehension skills that are critical in having success in both academics (at all grade levels) and their eventual careers.

Whether English is a primary or a secondary language, beginning the language/learning process at an early age provides benefits that literally last a lifetime.

Come with us as our “Critters” experience the many challenges of surviving in the wilderness – and overcome these challenges by being responsible, independent, and working together for the benefit of all.

Welcome to Adventures in Learning!


And this educational series is designed to foster both while assisting young students in the areas of reading, writing, and comprehension. In addition, Companion Activity Books in our “Complete the Story” and “Color the Story” Adventure Series are designed to capture unique periods in a child’s growth and development…and serve as family treasures to be revisited and enjoyed for years to come.  


The backdrop for this series is a fanciful, early-American village called “New Colony,” which is populated by a diverse group of Critters working together to overcome the challenges of living in the wilderness.

Each of our planned offerings will showcase how America, from its earliest beginnings, has benefitted from the skills and talents of individuals from many different cultures and backgrounds…while also providing examples, in a humorous and entertaining way, of the importance of collaboration, cooperation, and of living responsibly.


While we focus our stories and collateral materials on children just learning to read and older children developing their reading/writing skills…there are story features, humor, and life lessons in each edition that fit within a wide range of age groupings. 


Regardless of the learning style of your young reader, Critter Adventure Tales have a variety of options available, to currently include:

• Traditional Storybooks
• Color the Story Adventure Books (for young artists)
• Complete the Story Adventure Books (for young writers)
• “Magic Motion” DVDs (where pictures move across the pages of the stories)
• Bundles: Includes one of each item in a set

Literature that has deep Meaning and Moral Teachings
~ Ashley
As a parent and former teacher, I value literature that has deep meaning and moral teachings. The New Colony Critter Tales exhibits both of these wonderful qualities. As a society, our students are lacking in social awareness and moral values. Education is such an important aspect of life, but so are citizenship skills. I believe students will connect with the personification of the animal characters, and be interested in the historic fiction throughout the books. There are so many lessons and focuses that these texts exemplify, and I know parents will be excited to read, listen, and discuss these stories with their children.


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…by the time children reach the fourth grade, 34% are below basic reading levels. By eighth grade, NCES

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